2017 Men's "C" Classic Tournament

2017 Mens "C" Spring Classic Tourney

        April 29th         



AGE DIVISIONS:           Mens C Level Teams ( 16 & Older)

TEAMS:                         Maximum  number of players including goalies is 14. A player must play in at least two of the four 

                                       preliminary games in order to be eligible for the playoffs      .


Each team will play a minimum of four (4) games. Games will consist of  two(2) 12 minute running time halves. Stop time will come into play with one minute left in the game if a team is losing by one goal. Teams will be paired  into two divisions (C1and C2) once each team has played their four(4) game schedule.



2)      FIGHTING is absolutely forbidden at any time during or in between games.  The consequence is a          major penalty, plus a game misconduct and tourney suspension. The first minor penalty accessed            each team will incur a 1:30 second running time penalty. Thereafter, penalty shots will be accessed.        The game clock will be stopped during the penalty shot.



The tournament fee is $575.00 per team to cover the cost of referees, timers, tournament officials,                 tournament expenses and awards.  Teams must pay a $100.00 deposit (no exceptions) by April 15th.             Final rosters must be handed in by April 22nd. Management organizers will have final say on team’s             player level talent. Two B players will be allowed per team. Place an asterisk beside the two B players on       your submitted  roster.


A Championship Trophy will be awarded to the winning team in each division. Each player on each Championship team will receive an award. Additionally, MVP and MVG will be awarded….Complimentary hamburgers and hot dogs, and water will be served to all players…


                                 UNIFORMS & PROTECTIVE GEAR

                                 1)    MATCHING SHIRTS must be worn.

                                 2)    Shin Pads, elbow pads, padded gloves of any type shall be worn.                              


                                                                        ENTRY DEADLINE : April 15th                                                                                                

                  INFORMATION: www.gldhc.com             

             Greater Lowell Dek Hockey

5 Courthouse Lane

      Chelmsford, Ma 01824

 EMAIL CONTACT:         Johnny Descoteaux---jdescoteaux@lowell.k12.ma.us or 978-479-8809

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